Technical Information

LTCC circuit substrate

Ambitious goals constantly focused on the next generation.
World-leading quality of LTCC circuit substrate, production and evaluation technologies.

To meet compact high density wiring, thanks to its LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramics) technology, LTCC Materials is working on the development of high-performance substrate products based on high-precision Via formation, pattern printing and lamination technologies. LTCC Materials has also made it possible to integrate RF circuits by combining RF designing and LTCC technology established over many years. We fulfill various requirments from customers using a variety of evaluation and analysis technologies.

Limitless Progress of fine-pitch wiring and lamination technology

  • Wiring Pattern
  • Fine Pitched Pad
  • Radiograph of Stacked Via Holes
    (50 Layers, Via Dia. : 50μm)
  • Enlarged DUT Pattern

PROBE-CARD Structure

PCB + LTCC Pogo Pins Connected Type

PCB + LTCC Direct Connected Type

Camber Restraining Technology for Ultra Thin Substrate

Whole Process Avairable, Circuit Design to Mass Production

  • Design
    Material Design
    Circuit, Wiring Design (including 3-D RF circuit)
    Circuit and Electromagnetic Simulation
    Thermal Simulation
  • Trial Manufacturing
    Quick response with various apparatuses and specialists
  • Evaluation
    Performance Evaluation
    Reliability Tests
    Inner Structure Analysis
  • Mass Production
    Reliable mass production process based on superb production technology